Naturcycle is a full service firm. We provide the testing, quality control, logistics and final delivery of a variety of materials. From Compost to Engineered Soils we can support each customer with the best solution from the submittal to your engineer on the project, to the truck making the delivery to the proper installation techniques.

Green Roofs
At Grade Soils
Direct Compost Uses

Our Founder, Charles Duprey has been involved in hundreds of successful projects like Athletic Field Construction with Compost, Green Roofs with Green Roof Media or entire Parks made from a number of engineered soils.

Some or Mr. Duprey’s past successes include:

The Croton Water Treatment Plant (Bronx, NY)  – in excess of 15,000 yards of Green Roof Media.

Long Dock Park (Beacon, NY) – three different engineered soils and compost on site applications.

Javits Convention Center (NYC, NY) – second largest single structure green roof in the US

More project descriptions and testimonials to follow as Naturcycle continues to provide compost and engineered soils across the Northeast


Javits Convention Center looking North