Naturcycle is able to provide Architects and Engineers customized specifications as needed for a variety of compost and engineered soil applications.

Some existing and useful specifications like this are online now:

Naturcycle Compost and the United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance general use compost specification (for athletic field construction, soil amendment or engineered soil design)… Click HERE

or contact us for a word document version or suggested changes for your project

Top Dressing Athletic Fields and other turf with Naturcycle Compost. These Specifications provide for the best results and ensure the correct compost is used (for Schools, Institutions, Commercial use). – Click HERE 

The United States Composting Council  “Specifying Seal of Testing Assurance” Compost Uses like Blankets, Berms, Sock and Soil Amendments using STA Compost –    Click HERE 

New York State Department of Transportation compost use and types for construction  Click HERE

New Jersey Department of the Environment Bio-retention System Best Management Practice  Click HERE 

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Compost use in Erosion Control Specification Click HERE

Our specification library and these available resources will continue to grow so check back soon!

Contact Naturcycle to review or evaluate a specification or help you interpret these sometimes complex guides