Engineered Soils have become a critical aspect of Green Infrastructure, LEED Construction , and many specifications as a way to enhance performance, guarantee results and provide consistent products.  Well made soils, quality inputs and the experience to support the complex testing and submitall requirements are what Naturcycle can offer you.

Our Founder and President , Charles Duprey, has been involved in some of the largest green roof and engineered soil projects in the country.   Mr. Duprey value engineered, managed the manufacturing and oversaw two years work on the Croton Water Treatment Plant in the Bronx of New York City.

He  was responsible for Tens of Thousands of yards of intensive type green roof media, other specialty soils like a lightweight structural soil and wetland soil for this project. At the same time managing another  large scale green roof project at the same time at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.  With complex logistics, Mr. Duprey was able to offer the best solutions for the ease of construction not just an excellent soil product.


Croton WTP – Courtesy -Grimshaw-Architect


Javits Convention Center – Courtesy Xero Flor

Mr. Duprey has been responsible for athletic field soil blends, parks , landfill closure soils and hundreds of other green roof projects throughout New York State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also, Naturcycle can service Western Connecticut and Massachusetts from our New York location.

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Engineered Soils Like:

Green Roof Media – lightweight aggregates blended with other amendmnents like Naturcycle Compost to make a growing media for Green Roofing applications

Native Soil Blends – manufactured soils using local materials to make things  like Bio-Retention blends, Rain Garden Soils, Rootzone Mixes or many other naturally based soil blends.

State DOT Soils – States Departments of Transportation, like New York, have specifications for top soil or dry swales Naturcycle can provide for. Along with different agencies like Turnpike or Port Authority have unique designs we can support.

Lightweight Planting Mix – Many specifiers are looking for better results from planters or at grade construction, our lightweight manufactured soil has been used to provide a tested, weight defined soil for strong plant growth.

Value Engineering – Naturcycle can review specifications for soils at no charge to you.  Our experienced staff is able to offer alternatives where applicable and help contractors interpret the sometimes complex world of engineered soils.

USGA Rootzone Mix – A tested and meeting all standards sand based blend for use in Golf Courses and Athletic Fields for high performance turf growth.