Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan, NY

This sacred location in Morningside Heights was experiencing significant washout of a sloped area in its courtyard. Working closely with Langan, the Naturcycle team developed a detailed plan to stabilize the slope, achieve strong plant establishment and reduce excess runoff. A specialized coarse compost blend made at our partner facility in New Jersey was applied to the slope and vegetated, using natural materials, rather than plastics or chemicals, to protect the hillside. Working closely with the installer, Naturcycle provided expert advice to ensure project success. We support our customers on projects large and small, from start to finish, period.

Plainedge Middle School, Bethpage, NY

Naturcycle offers compost throughout the New York City metropolitan area that is well-suited for topdressing applications. Sourcing this material from several different locations in the region give Naturcycle a wide reach. This school on Long Island receives an annual delivery of compost for topdressing athletic fields and lawn areas, which fertilizes turf, restores biological activity, and ensures soil health. Naturcycle regularly delivers bulk compost for topdressing using dump trucks or tractor trailers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


New York State Route 365, Rome, NY

Compost is a critical component to building healthy soil. It can be used to amend existing soil, providing nutrients for both plants and the soil itself. With nearly a dozen different compost producers in our network, Naturcycle can supply construction projects large and small with compost to amend soil and restore natural habitat after work is complete. After reconstruction work on Route 365 in Rome, NY, we provided a New York State Department of Transportation Compost Type A for amending soil in place in preparation for spring planting.

East Midtown Greenway, Manhattan, NY

The East Midtown Greenway along the East River in Manhattan utilizes Silva Cells to hold soil and support tree growth, allowing roots to safely grow below sidewalks and bikeways. After installation of our custom engineered soils specifically designed for this application, the Silva Cells were amended with Naturcycle® Compost PT from New Jersey. This natural compost, made with brush, leaves and lawn clippings, is enrolled in the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance program, and provided additional support for the soil biology of the system.

Mexico CSD, Mexico, NY

Compost can improve turf by applying it on top of grass in highly trafficked areas, like athletic fields and golf courses, referred to as topdressing. An existing school athletic field in Mexico, NY was top-dressed with Naturcycle® Compost A, a ¼” STA certified compost, which buffered the soil pH, provided organic matter, and re-introduced soil bacteria and fungi damaged by compaction. Naturcycle can deliver compost like this throughout New York State. We offer bulk loads from dump trucks or dump trailers, maximizing the logistics options to ensure the best customer service and understand the delicate nature of turf, as well as the importance of quality, consistent compost.


Forts Ferry Farm – Latham, NY

Hundreds of varieties of vegetables and flowers are grown at Forts Ferry Farm, on over 90 acres of land in Latham, New York. Naturcycle supplied WM J. Keller & Sons Construction with 900 yards of compost for landscaping and site work in conjunction with landscape architect Reed Hilderbrand and general contractor Turner Construction.

UBS Arena – Elmont, NY

UBS Arena, located at Belmont Park, is the home of the New York Islanders. Naturcycle worked closely with the landscaper, Steven Dubner Landscaping, and the landscape architect, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, to source thousands of yards of local compost and provide analysis and recommendations, supporting the vision of the design team.

Athletic Fields – Scarsdale, NY

An effective way to maintain the health of athletic field turf is to apply compost as a topdressing. For these athletic fields in Scarsdale, compost provided by Naturcycle was applied by Alternative Earthcare as part of the town’s ongoing maintenance program.


State Route 10 – Cobleskill, NY

For this New York State DOT highway project managed by Lancaster Development, Naturcycle provided several thousand cubic yards of compost to stabilize a slope adjacent to the roadway. Using compost to support plant growth and erosion control is a common application of this versatile product. Naturcycle is recognized as an expert in compost use and can consult on any application.

State Route 63 – Geneseo, NY

As part of another New York State DOT highway project, Naturcycle provided high quality compost as a soil amendment to restore a disturbed area following the construction of a new bridge in Geneseo, NY. Working with the on-site contractor, City Hill Construction, Naturcycle selected an appropriate compost product was applied to ensure project success.

Malone Central School District – Malone, NY

Another common application for compost products is use as a topdressing. Alternative Earthcare applied compost provided by Naturcycle in a ¼” layer on an athletic field at a high school in Malone, NY. Compost topdressing promotes turf establishment and is a critical component of any long-term management strategy.


Agricultural Use – Upstate New York

Naturcycle has worked with several specialty farms and vegetable growers across New York State. From garlic to green beans, hemp to hops, we are working with a wide variety of farmers to improve soil health. No matter the size or location, Naturcycle can provide quality compost for agricultural applications throughout the Northeast.

Cricket Valley Power Plant – Dover Plains, NY

This power plant is one of the largest construction projects in Upstate New York. Naturcycle worked with the engineering team to analyze existing soil stockpiles and develop a plan for producing the necessary lawn, planting, and wetland soils on site to restore several acres of surrounding land. Two varieties of compost will be required for this work: a lawn/leaf compost and a biosolids compost, both certified by the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program. Ultimately, thousands of yards of compost will be used over the course of this multi-year effort. Large scale logistics and construction are true specialties of the Naturcycle team.

Taconic High School – Pittsfield, MA

Naturcycle worked closely over a two-year period to consult and source materials. They were needed to manufacture in place a highly complex engineered soil for sports fields at a new high school. We provided thousands of yards of premium quality compost, soils testing services, and submittal writing to speed the process and help the contractor communicate better the Landscape Architects and Designers. Our guidance and consulting lead to great results, on time success and a strong partnership. Complex on-site soil work is achievable and a sustainable option with Naturcycle as part of your team.


Nursery Fields – Albany, NY

Using compost to amend soils in place is a green, sustainable solution to support soil health. Naturcycle has been working with a tree nursery in the Albany area to improve their soils. after initial testing soils with less than 1% organic matter and extremely low pH below 6.5. After tilling Naturcycle Compost D into the soil before tree replanting, the organic matter content more than doubled and the desired near-neutral soil pH was achieved. Nursery growers and farmers of all types should contact Naturcycle today for soil analysis and recommendations.

Morrisville Eaton Schools – Morrisville, NY

In 2017 Naturcycle met with a Landscape Architecture firm working to design the soil specification for repairing existing soils and establishing a new Athletic Field. The initial soil testing came back with a higher than desired soil pH. Naturcycle was able to tailor a United States Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Certified Compost with a low pH and super fine physical characteristics for Athletic Field use. We crafted a specification based on STA and a “lower” pH range to help new turf establishment.

This new stadium and repaired practice field shows an obvious difference in turf “Greening” in the enclosed photos. Even with the rain day pictured one can see where the compost ended soils ended. From a capable landscape architect and a committed site contractor with Naturcycle support excellent results came together using compost.

SUNY Binghamton – Binghamton, NY

On the SUNY Campus a large new parking area called for a massive new bio retention (storm-water management) area. The Landscape Architect on Campus recognized he could create a high organic matter, water holding soil in place using compost. A large amount of Naturcycle Compost “E” was used to improve the soil in place and meet the specifications.

Compost is a critical Green Infrastructure tool and SUNY Binghamton’s commitment to sustainable solutions is second to none!

Oneida City School District – Oneida, NY

Top Dressing is a technique to reduce or replace fertilizer applications in turf. Many schools and institutions are sensitive too and do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers. So natural alternatives, such as Compost, are an important tool Naturcycle can offer. Compost improves soils, thereby feeding the turf. Compost improves soil in three ways, Physically, Chemically and Biologically. These three benefits are reasons that Oneida Central Schools, and many others, choose to top dress with Naturcycle Compost™


SUNY Oneonta – Oneonta, NY

Naturcycle Compost was used to create a manufactured soil on campus. Naturcycle worked with a local contractor to use compost to achieve a final soil specification. Their use of a United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance Certified Compost provided great results. This major hillside renovation created a new walkway with a variety of storm-water features like bio-retention areas, permeable pavers and compost amended soils.

Mexico Central Schools – Mexico, NY

Mexico Central Schools, in Northern New York, have a long history with Compost. Many of their fields where built with Compost amended soils. They are committed to using Compost as a natural soil enhancer, improving their turf. They have had issues in the past with other compost suppliers. Poor Quality materials, contaminated with material other than compost, and poor communication with the supplier on delivery. Naturcycle solved all that, providing high quality USCC STA Certified Compost and delivering on time, as promised. Communication and follow through are important to customers of all sizes. Naturcycle has multiple top-dressing acceptable compost sources around New York State. We deliver a variety of finished, stable composts screened to optimize top dressing of Athletic Field Turf.

Hartwick College – Oneonta, NY

Amending soils in place is an important Compost use. Naturcycle worked with a contractor on the Hartwick College Campus to amend soils for planting, turf areas and other locations around a major campus renovation. Creating a few soils with Naturcycle support and USCC STA Certified Compost. Hartwick College installed major new paved, hardscape and other areas.

This is all part of the service Naturcycle provides. Soil consulting and end compost use guidance. Naturcycle Compost™ was used to create engineered soil blends around campus. Varying the compost and sand content of a soil created soils tailored to different needs. Also, Naturcycle provided the testing services through partner laboratories and consultancy on guidance to meet the final specifications. Naturcycle will work with Landscapers and Contractors to meet their soil goals, interpret complex specifications and communicate with all parties involved to reach project success.