Naturcycle focuses on the most quality and consistent engineered soils. From that energy we have worked hard to make a compliant United States Golf Association Rooztone sand based mix.

This highly specialized soil blend has few suppliers that carry or eventry to make it. Our yard near Poughkeepsie, NY can provide small or large loads of this important material for golf courses or athletic fields around the New York City and the Long Island Region. It is made with premiums US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance “Certified” Compost. This material is very mature, stable compost, high in organic matter and screened to 1/4 Inch. Instead of Peat a non-renewable resource often imported from Canada. Our blend is tested, consistent and available when your course or construction project calls for it.

Contact us today for recent testing and more information on our USGA Rootzone Sand based blend. We can even put this blend in super sacks for smaller jobs or specialized orders. Consider Naturcycle Today for local, sustainable soils and compost!