This area contains videos and useful links on actual compost use.

This video is a brief explanation of “Top Dressing” with Certified Compost, the type Naturcycle can offer you.

This video from the US Composting Council, explains ways to amend soils in place with compost. It expands on the benefits of compost, and shows real world applications for contractors and landscapers alike…

Planting any living thing like flowers, trees or shrubs, can benefit from compost. Learn more from Joe Lamp’l of Growing a Greener World and the US Composting Council in this video


Another great video from the US Green Building Council, learn more with “Strategies and Advice from a Soil Restoration Expert”   This video shows examples and explains the benefits of using compost in site construction verse bringing in topsoil, the cost savings, the environmental benefits. It even shows visuals on how to do it right.  A great educational and short instructional tool for site contractors, landscapers and those working the soil.