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Naturcycle Green Roof Media in action

A great New York City project with Plant Construction and Naturcycle... This firm owned by Artist Extraordinaire Randy Polumbo, PLANT NYC  recently came to us about a private residence seeking quality, locally made, sustainable green [...]

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Naturcycle presents on Compost Markets

Our founder Charles Duprey, recently presented at the Northeast Recycling Council on current conditions in Compost Markets in the Northeast and Nationwide.   This group of recycling coordinators and industry leaders examined all kinds of recycling [...]

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Compost use education is crucial

Naturcycle is committed to educating others, answering questions and helping end users better understand compost applications.  Green Infrastructure is a crucial stormwater tool, and more landscapers are installing specialized structures like Green Roofs or Rain [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …