Boston Medical Center Rooftop Farm, Boston, MA

In the summer of 2023, Higher Ground Farm planted new row crops near the original rooftop farm at the Boston Medical Center, allowing for a wider diversity of produce, varied growing techniques, and improved water management. Hundreds of yards of Naturcycle® Urban Ag Blend green roof media were delivered to the site in super sacks and installed by Recover Green Roofs. This specially designed media is based on the successful farm blend Naturcycle used at the Javits Center in Manhattan. This project owes its success to the efforts of a great local team!

Bronx Logistics, Bronx, NY

Our blending facility outside New York City is well suited for large regional projects, like this impressive multi-story distribution center in the Bronx. Solar arrays direct rainwater to sedum mats grown by Semper Green, featuring Naturcycle green roof media as a stormwater management tool. This mineral-based media resists compaction and uses locally made compost to support plant growth with nutrients. Our manufacturing and logistics expertise, along with the installation experience of Applied Mulch & Soil, provided our client with a cost effective and efficient process, installing thousands of yards of media in less than thirty days.

Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME

Naturcycle produces LiteTop® Intensive Blend green roof media at our facility near Boston, which serves all of New England. Working on the addition to the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Brightview Landscaping required two hundred yards of this media to be pneumatically pumped up to the rooftop, which was done using an Express Blower truck operated by Applied Mulch & Soil into an American Hydrotech system featuring their Monolithic Membrane 6125® waterproofing and a total system warranty.

The Refinery at Domino, Brooklyn, NY

Two Trees Development transformed the historic Domino Sugar factory into a one-of-a-kind commercial space, protecting the historic façade while creating green space inside the exterior and interior walls, creating a lush, natural environment for the office workers and gym goers occupying the building. Using materials that are 100% produced in New York State, Naturcycle® Lightweight Planting Media provided a dense, soil-like blend for the trees and shrubs, providing structure and stability, but still light enough to be blown into place by Downes Forest Products. Naturcycle is committed to delivering a sustainable approach to structural soil applications.


Manhattan West, Manhattan, NY

Our green roof media met the high standards of the landscape architecture team at Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company for use at Manhattan West, a brand new 7-million square foot mixed-use development in Hudson Yards. One of our largest projects in 2022, thousands of yards of Naturcycle® Intensive 95 was used to support a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and trees in an expansive public plaza, with a high level of specialized testing and oversight. This successful installation was only possible with the exceptional work of our friends at Downes Forest Products and Steven Dubner Landscaping.

The Laurent at 55 Wheeler, Cambridge, MA

The Laurent at 55 Wheeler brings more than five hundred new apartments and townhouses to approximately three acres of land in the Alewife Quadrangle District of Cambridge, MA. This development project includes two ground-level courtyards and one interior courtyard raised above street level, which contain over nine hundred yards of Naturcycle Intensive 85 green roof media installed by R&S Landscaping. These park-like areas built on top of the underground parking structure provide both residential amenity space and critical stormwater management for the property.

DDC Garage & Community Space, Queens, NY

As part of the Queens Civic Complex, the newly constructed DDC Queens Garage & Community Space utilizes Naturcycle® Intensive 75 green roof media in rooftop planters and Naturcycle® Extensive 85 green roof media in areas supporting low-growing sedum. Installed by Downes Forest Products and Steven Dubner Landscaping, the vegetated roof provides several environmental benefits, including stormwater capture, reduction of the heat island effect, and support of local biodiversity. We also provided certified clean soil for the ground-level portions of the project. Naturcycle is a one-stop shop for all your at-grade and on-structure soil needs!


Javits K. Javits Center Expansion – Manhattan, NY

The expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, led by Turner Construction, features a unique roofscape designed by Stantec. Using an American Hydrotech system, Adaptive Green installed over 2,000 yards of a custom Naturcycle urban agriculture soil media to create a rooftop farm, shade garden, and orchard, featuring an Agritecture greenhouse. Brooklyn Grange played a critical role in the collaborative development of this soil and manages the farm.

One Columbus Circle – Manhattan, NY

The incredible buildout of the roofscape at One Columbus Circle in Manhattan includes modern outdoor amenity space with a gorgeous view of Central Park. Kelco Landscaping & Construction and Downes Forest Products used Naturcycle intensive green roof media as an essential component of the American Hydrotech green roof system.

Assembly Row Block 8 – Somerville, MA

Recover Green Roofs installed green roofs on the 4th and 24th floors of Assembly Row Block 8, a luxury apartment building overlooking the Mystic River in Massachusetts. The landscaping, designed by Copley Wolff Design Group, features unique planters using Naturcycle media to support a variety of plantings, including perennials and trees.

Astoria West – Queens, NY

The rooftop on the Astoria West residential complex at 30-77 Vernon Blvd was the vision of landscape architecture firm MPFP. Naturcycle Intensive 75 and Extensive 85 media was blown up to the roof by Applied Mulch & Soil and installed by Elevations Landscape Design + Build, supporting plantings from sedum mats to full-size trees.

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions – Norwalk, CT

Designed by Wesley Stout Associates, the green roof on the Van Dyk Recycling Solutions corporate campus used over 400 yards of Naturcycle Intensive 85 green roof media. This lightweight soil was installed by M&G Antolino Masonry alongside landscape contractor Pennington Grey with support from Applied Mulch & Soil.

86 Newbury – Portland, ME

The 86 Newbury mixed-use development in Portland, Maine features apartments, corporate offices, a hotel, and a well-known brewery. Working with Apex Green Roofs, Naturcycle green roof media manufactured at our blending facility in Massachusetts was blown onto the roof via specialized blower trucks by Applied Mulch & Soil.


Smith College – Northampton, MA

Our partners at American Hydrotech designed a waterproofing system for an on-structure installation at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Naturcycle developed a specialized green roof media blend that resists compaction and improves drainage to ensure long-term success. The finished product includes in a beautiful and functional sunken courtyard that meets the unique structural requirements of the building design. The landscape was designed by Ryan Associates and installed by Applied Mulch & Soil and Mountainview Landscapes.

11 Hoyt – Brooklyn, NY

A spectacular new residential building in downtown Brooklyn, 11 Hoyt, features a stunning 27,000 square foot elevated park conceived by Hollander Design. The custom soil system that Naturcycle designed for this project features several layers of lightweight blends that support a variety of planted landscapes. Using blower trucks provided by Applied Mulch & Soil, more than 1,400 cubic yards of material were installed in-place by BrightView Landscape Services.

Vassar Bros Medical Center – Poughkeepsie, NY

The Vassar Brothers Medical Center is ‘the largest single construction project in the history of Poughkeepsie.’ Working with Walsh Construction and Apex Green Roofs, Naturcycle provided two specialty green roof blends for use on this massive project. An intensive planting mix was used to create a public terrace on the lower roof deck of the main building. An extensive green roof media was used in combination with Semper Green sedum mats and Tremco waterproofing on multiple roof levels. All the green roof areas were designed by Bioroof Systems and their leadership was key to project success.

99 Hudson – Jersey City, NJ

Working with Let It Grow, a landscape contractor based in New Jersey, Naturcycle provided 600 cubic yards of our Intensive 95 green roof blend for the amenity deck of 99 Hudson, a luxury high-rise in Jersey City. This lightweight media was blown into place by Downes Forest Products using specialized equipment made by Express Blower. The result is a gorgeous space that supports a variety of uses by the building’s residents and highlights the range of possibilities using green roof media instead of traditional soils.

Harbor Point – Stamford, CT

Harbor Point is an expanding upscale neighborhood on the waterfront of Stamford, CT. Working with American Hydrotech on several ongoing building projects, Naturcycle has supplied more than 700 cubic yards of intensive green roof media to date for planters on new buildings in this vibrant mixed-use district.

Powder House Square – Somerville, MA

This abandoned former school was transformed into a vibrant mixed-use development, including commercial and residential areas, artist studios and public park space. Naturcycle provided intensive green roof media to the project, which is supporting a variety of plantings, from sedum and perennial beds to fully grown trees. Green roof installation (and photos!) provided by Recover Green Roofs.


Stamford Urby Apartments – Stamford, CT

Stamford Urby is a new condominium development in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. The project focuses on the millennial market, targeting renters interested in unique spaces, green areas and a wide variety of amenities. Working with our partner, MKW Landscape Architects, Naturcycle created a soil blend designed for stability and water holding capacity, weighing 75 pounds per cubic foot when saturated (based on ASTM E2399). Over 2,000 yards of this green roof media, Naturcycle Intensive 75, was applied on site to create a mixed landscape of trees, shrubs, lawns, perennial plantings and much more.

Yale University – New Haven, CT

This project was a unique application of green roof media and an American Hydrotech system on the Yale University campus. As part of the 320 York Humanities renovation, new subterranean areas were built in the existing courtyard. Green roof media developed by Naturcycle was applied on top of the new underground structure to return the site to the original at-grade conditions. The use of over 1,200 yards of this specially engineered media allows for these types of creative applications, as less intensive infrastructure is needed in order to support the specially designed lightweight material. The site will be planted and finished in early 2020.

Ocean Drive, Coney Island – Brooklyn, NY

As part of the redevelopment of Coney Island, Ocean Drive will improve the waterfront with a modern amenity terrace, a variety of apartment sizes, and hotel-like services. Applied Mulch & Soil used Express Blower trucks to install hundreds of yards of Naturcycle Intensive 65 green roof media, a lightweight blend custom engineered by Naturcycle specifically for this landmark project for both an extensive roof above the new retail space and a 25,000 square foot park-like setting two stories above the historic boardwalk.


Statue of Liberty Museum – New York Harbor

This intensive green roof is part of the New Statue of Liberty Museum on Liberty Island. It will house the original torch and compliments the forms on the island of the Fort and Statue itself. Its stunning vegetated roof will allow expansive views and is a LEED Gold Structure.

Designed by FX Collaborative and QRP Partners. Installed by Wetlands Inc and American Hydrotech.

Naturcycle provided the green roof media, drainage media and the complex logistics needed to get the materials to the island. This project in Super Sacks (Large Crane Bags) required a variety of delivery and timing planning and the highest quality green roof media to ensure success.

A Detailed Greenroofs.com Article on the Museum

Rockefeller University – Manhattan, NY

This massive Intensive Green Roof is an extension of the Rockefeller University Campus over the FDR Highway on the East Side of Manhattan. Steven Dubner Landscape and American Hydrotech produced and amazing result for the campus. Expanding it over the highway and providing new green space in a densely populated area.

This multi-thousand yard Intensive roof is part of their River Campus, an amazing addition to a first class research university. This project required a variety of bulk and super sacks and took over two years to complete. This very large green roof media order required consistent and 100% weed seed free media to achieve its complex goals. Naturcycle was proud to be a part of this unique project.

54 Knoll – Brooklyn, NY

This ongoing project is one of the largest green roof and planter combinations in the dramatic redevelopment of Brooklyn. Installed by Elevations Landscape + Design Build this very specialized intensive green roof required a highly specialized media. Naturcycle tailored our successful green roof media to meet the project specification’s and provide a local, New York State manufactured, alternative. This project required bulk and super sack options for delivery of media and supports a wide variety of plant life to be used in green roof planters, roof areas and more on top of and around the building.

Resorts World Casino – Monticello, NY

This project at a brand new construction site in the Catskill Mountains of New York State required a detailed review of existing specifications. Naturcycle worked with a local contractor and the engineers to offer a local, New York State made, USCC STA Compost based semi-intensive green roof media for planters to be used around an elevated terrace and pool area.

Providing excellent service, and more sustainable materials made locally, Naturcycle was able to provide super sacks of a specially designed media for this project. Offering a better, greener solution. Resorts World Casino is amazing facility and a great addition to the area.

Watermark East – Cambridge, MA

This interesting project was a repair and upgrade completed by Recover Green Roofs outside Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Naturcycle teamed with Recover and the client to provide extensive green roof media and intensive media blends for sedum based areas, planters and large roof areas. This project was then blown in place using blower truck technology to quickly and efficiently place material. Watermark has an elevated terrace for the residents and it needed a refreshing only our team could provide.

Naturcycle is an expert and experienced provider of Green Roof Media, designed, tested and proven to work every time for blower truck installers. We understand their needs, we know what needs to be done to achieve success geared towards blown in installations and our staff closely monitors materials for that success. Blower truck installers should ask for Naturcycle Green Roof Media!

Edible Academy – Bronx, NY

The New York Botanical Gardens hosts an Edible Academy. Its newly expanded campus hosts a unique sloped green roof. One of our Green Roof System partners at American Hydrotech created solutions for steep sloped green roofs. This extensive design supports a beautiful sedum mat and was provided in Super Sacks for ease of installation. Completed in spring 2018 this site is open to the public and part of the New York Botanical Gardens. Visit it today!


SUNY Plattsburgh – Plattsburgh, NY

The renovation and upgrades to a key elevated walk way connecting buildings on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus was an innovative use of Naturcycle Extensive Green Roof Media. Naturcycle also provided washed round stone in Super Sacks for border areas and edging. We pride ourselves providing all the key soilless media and other associated products for green roofs such as drainage aggregates, border materials and other soil related products. These products are sold in bulk, super sacks or even small bags palletized for projects large and small.

Private Plaza – Manhattan, NY

Naturcycle often sees Intensive Green Roof media used as a good option for planters around New York City. Green Roof media provides consistent, long term success for planters. The material is weed seed free by design, excellent drainage and the right balance of nutrients and physical properties for success. Our work with a blower truck installer on this project was important.

Naturcycle provided very dry, well blended, Intensive Green Roof Media with a slightly more soil like blend for planter success. The FLL Guidelines drive all Naturcycle media designs and this intensive, although more dense and sandier, still fell within those guidelines, but was made to best fit the project. Learn more about Green Roof Media here.

UConn Building – Hartford, CT

Naturcycle and its green roof system partner American Hydrotech provided Intensive Green Roof media for a plaza and plantings at a newly renovated campus in downtown Hartford. This design leverages the storm-water benefits of Green Roof Media and shows the combination of planters and flat areas that manage storm-water and beautify.

Naturcycle often does work around Connecticut. Our bulk yard’s location near the New York State and Connecticut border allows us excellent access to the State. We have shipped to dozens of green roofs and at grade soil projects around the state. Naturcycle is an excellent choice for Green Roof Media projects in Connecticut.

Assembly Row – Somerville, MA

This extremely large Green Roof project in Somerville, Massachusetts was an interesting challenge. A local green roof installer needed dry, quality material, quickly after challenges developed. Naturcycle rapidly provided hundreds of yards of Naturcycle Green Roof Media, an Intensive blend, delivered to the jobsite directly. We arranged all the trucking, followed up with dispatching and delivered dozens of large loads in days

Naturcycle mobilized to meet its customer’s needs and solved a major issue for the client. Our Green Roof Media is second to none and our expert logistics make jobs less painful. The Avalon at Assembly row contains many Green Roof planters and other features using Naturcycle Green Roof Media.