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Naturcycle and its team, including its President Charles Duprey, have a depth of expertise in the marketing and brokering of compost throughout the Northeast.

We are proud to sell and offer a variety of compost for Municipalities, Authorities and Private Composters for your needs.  We are also always looking for new materials and locations to market compost from.  Let us come evaluate and discuss your compost marketing needs.   Our network of users like, Contractors and Landscapers, along with projects we target for compost use allows us to offer higher values for your materials.

Beyond compost we also evaluate a variety of residuals for beneficial reuse.  Our past experience in support of state Beneficial Reuse Determinations, creating new markets in agriculture and generally hitting the ground to sell materials is second to none.

Contact us today about brokering your compost material, developing a beneficial reuse strategy or supporting the marketing for your program.  Naturcycle is here to help those “Restoring Earth.”



Mr. Duprey examining a compost that Naturcycle brokers. A quick hand grab sample of compost can help you judge its moisture content. Does it crumble or ball together in your hand? Something may look moist but that might not be a negative. Where as a true saturation can make material too heavy for easy transport or spreading. Understanding the keys to compost marketing is what Naturcycle can provide.



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