Much of our understanding of Green Roof Design comes from Germany.  These guidelines developed over the last 40 years are commonly referred to as the FLL, The German Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society (FLL in German).  Their guidance, along with researchers here in America provide information on all aspects of installation and the media for plant growth itself.

Naturcycle works with a number of Green Roof System providers as their dedicated soil blender. If you are looking for the highest quality media provider make Naturcycle your partner.

We can also offer where applicable the following:

Naturcycle Intensive Green Roof Media

Naturcycle Extensive Green Roof Media

Naturcycle Lightweight Planting Media

Naturcycle Drainage Media

We are able to review and create locally made alternatives for Green Roof Media from specifications.  These performance characteristics allow comparison of soils and soil design to offer the most sustainable, green solution.  Naturcycle reserves the right to refuse to quote projects or provide information based on contractual agreements for some green roof systems. 

Naturcycle offers Green Roof Media in bulk, super sacks and small bags for delivery. We can support the complicated logistics of the New York City area and offer smart plans for delivery.

Contact Naturcycle for your green roof media needs today!


lightweight aggregate at a Naturcycle blending site