Compost is a natural alternative to fertilizer.  Many athletic fields and high end turf applications like golf courses used compost to enhance the soils at the time of construction.   Why not use compost then to reintroduce that good soil biology, organic matter and reduce compaction just like when it was built? Top dressing with compost accomplishes all that and more.

Naturcycle offers a number of fine screened (around 3/8″ inch to 1/4″ depending on product) compost we will guarantee weed seed free because of how the compost is made.  We can ship in large dump trailer loads or via smaller dump trucks to certain job sites.  We can provide testing and references on hundreds of similar top dressing projects all over the Northeast.

Learn more with Joe Lamp’l of “Growing a Greener World” about the benefits of Top Dressing with Compost.

Naturcycle Compost is a key tool in successful top dressing of turf or athletic fields. We provide below a specification with steps to follow when topdressing. Along with recommendations about field conditions and guidance on compost quality, sizing and important agronomic factors to look for.  You can download our specification here for your use or next bid package TOP DRESSING SPEC Click Here 

Contact Naturcycle today about a quote for top dressing compost delivered to your school, municipal field or golf course.  Let us offer natural, recycled, green alternatives to help those “Restoring Earth.”

Compost for Top Dressing

An example of a very fine, easily spread compost for top dressing