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Healthy Soils and a Happy Halloween

Naturcycle engineered soils like this green roof media are key to long term success. This eerily good Intensive 85 blend can be found at Stamford Urby, in Connecticut. After a year in place, the wide variety of plants are healthy, thriving, and ready for a Happy Halloween!

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A Masters Class in Transportation related Compost Uses on Youtube

Cal Trans (the California Department of Transportation) has created and shared for free a two video recording of a webinar  series.  They created a two day educational event  on "Improving Roadside Re-vegetation and Stormwater Quality with Compost Based BMPS." These two recordings are so well done with tons of pictures, charts, experts and even a [...]

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How do we expand green roof installations in NYC?

Naturcycle works often on differing sizes of green roof projects.  Cities like Washington DC have used an aggressive tax credit to expand the number, kinds and types of green roofs installed.  Can New York City do  the same  by simply expanding its existing programs... A group of New York City lawmakers is urging Mayor Bill [...]

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Charles Duprey presents on Compost Testing Challenges

The Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association hosted its annual summary educational series as an online webinar.  Our founder Charles Duprey, presented and took questions on "Composting Testing Challenges and the need for performance based design."   He spoke at length about the issues with standardizing of compost testing analysis and the understanding of those differences.  Also, explaining [...]

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The Right Compost for the Right Job

Naturcycle has built its business on the highest quality compost. We created a network of private and public partners where we work closely to market and sell their compost.  We often support their composting process, improvements to operations, billing and many more aspects of manufacturing the best products possible. Along with almost always enrolling each [...]

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Quality Control and Naturcycle Engineered Soils

Since its founding Naturcycle has been focused on creating the highest quality engineered soils.  Quality Control and commitment to producing the best finished products.  Part of that is the time and resources investment like recently we tested 11 (Eleven) different sand sources to meet a specification. Be it a green roof media or bio-retention soil [...]

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US Composting Council Annual Conference

Every year the United States Composting Council (USCC) hosts its annual Conference and Trade Show.  This event has moved around the country from California, to Florida, Texas and this year in Charleston, South Carolina. Our founder Charles Duprey serves on the Market Development Committee (MDC) of the USCC. This committee is dedicated to promoting compost [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …

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