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New Naturcycle Compost Facility Partner in New Jersey

Naturcycle is proud to announce a new compost partner. Morris County Utilities Authority in Northern New Jersey operates two Department of Environmental Protection permitted Compost facilities. These very large compost sites only take in local leaves, lawn and brush to make a high quality natural compost.  They utilize Scarab Windrow Turners, monitor temperatures and [...]

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Get thee new book on Community Scale Composting …

From Modern Farmer... "For James McSweeney, compost is the new black — black gold, that is. McSweeney, a composting consultant, shares his passion and expertise for this soil-building, job-creating, local-food-growing and planet-saving material in his new book, Community-Scale Composting Systems: A Comprehensive Practical Guide for Closing the Food System Loop and Solving Our Waste Crisis. Modern [...]

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What NOT to do for a Green Roof

Naturcycle talks often about the benefits of Green Roof Media, and the dangers of high organic matter soils in roofs. Even as we educate others like Landscape Architects and Contractors about what quality, consistent, soil-less media should be we still see factors, like cost or time driving bad choices. Pictured below is what happens if [...]

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Dangers of Very High Organic Matter Green Roofs

The photos above of are various projects around New York City. Some projects allow, and some owners, and architects do not understand the danger that Very High Organic Matter blends can present. Looking at these real site photos shows the inherent problem. Media for roofs and planters that is very high in compost (like 30-75% [...]

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Compost and Soils the foundation of nutrition

The United Nations Organization for Food an Agriculture made some interesting connections back in 2015 the "Year of Soil." Linking healthy soils to peoples health, and guess what #Compost adds all those micro and macro nutrients listed in the graphic above to depleted soils. Closing this loop of returning our wastes from WWTP or food [...]

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Healthy Soils and Compost

In February its good to remember that healthy soils are driven by many factors.  These healthy soils produce more food, higher quality food, and protect our water ways by keeping soils in place (things like no till practices).  To get these healthy soils we can add organic matter from good sources like Compost! Even Cornell [...]

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Soluble Salts in Compost – CCREF Important Report

The Composting Council Research and Education Foundation invested in an important report.  Continuing the Council and its membership commitment to research and education of compost users and producers a detailed research paper was done on the current literature on Soluble Salts in Compost and Soils. You can learn more about what Electrical Conductivity really [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …