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Compost use education is crucial

Naturcycle is committed to educating others, answering questions and helping end users better understand compost applications.  Green Infrastructure is a crucial stormwater tool, and more landscapers are installing specialized structures like Green Roofs or Rain Gardens.  Along with directly using compost for slope stabilization and amending soils in place.  Naturcycle and its team are experts [...]

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Green Roof Media uses at Grade

Green Roof Media is a better solution for many ground level soil needs.... An interesting development in the marketplace is the use of Green Roof Media in at grade solutions. Things like planters, planter boxes, tree boxes and other places in buildings that are not elevated roofs are calling out Green Roof Media verse standard [...]

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Naturcycle participates in NYC Watershed Conference

Saugerties, NY  - Wednesday, September 13th  @Naturcycle participated today in the New York Water Environmental Association's NYC Watershed Conference at the Diamond Mills Resort & Conference Center. This event was focused on protecting the NYC Watershed, the latest research in storm-water management and other important ideas to protect our drinking water.  We exhibited to better [...]

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Naturcycle’s Charles Duprey teaches part of US Composting Council Training Course

For the last four years Charles Duprey, President of Naturcycle, LLC has taught part of the Compost Operation Training Course here in the Northeast. The Composting Council Foundation offers this course a few times a year around the United States, you can learn more HERE .  This class teaches the fundamentals of compost and composting.  Part [...]

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New USCC webinars and Naturcycle volunteer work

The United States Composting Council is launching a series of educational webinars for Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Site Contractors and all those interested in Compost Use in Stormwater Management.  This series with Forester University will cover a variety of Compost Use Topics. Mr. Charles Duprey of Naturcycle, serves on the USCC Market Development Committee, and [...]

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International Compost Awareness Week 2017

How are you supporting International Compost Awareness Week this year? Learn more about #ICAW 2017 from the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation.  Their mission to support the Composting Council, provide education and scholarships are important to advancing COMPOST   

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An interesting look at Green Infrastructure

For City Planners, Architects, and Engineers an interesting look at how to plan naturally resilient communities Naturcycle and its team are proud to offer Compost to amend soils in place improving water holding, soil quality and reducing runoff.  As well as Green Roof Media to create storm-water capture on top of a building, reduce the [...]

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The New York State Association for Solid Waste Management Highlights Naturcycle

In the January issue of the The New York State Association for Solid Waste Management "Wasteline" Newsletter highlighted a brief article talked about Naturcycle.  They talked about our services available to Solid Waste operators and Authorities around New York State, like Compost Marketing services. You can read the article here (Page 3) of this NYSASWM-WastelineWinter.Web-RGB.17pdf You [...]

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A better understanding of Phosphorous and Compost Dynamics

From our friend Ron Alexander in this Months's Biocycle Magazine. A solid and clear understanding with a detailed explanation of the nature of Phosphorous in compost. With that he builds upon how the species of Phosphorous react and move through soils.  Read this article if you are concerned about P and how it relates to [...]

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US Composting Council launches new website for Landscape Architects

The United States Composting Council and its Market Development Committee, of which Charles Duprey, President of Naturcycle is pleased to serve on, announces  a new website geared towards Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers and Planners. This site is designed to provide all of our USCC resources in one place. Mr. Duprey was heavily involved in the [...]

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