Naturcycle often relies on compost expert Ron Alexander for his professional knowledge. He has been a great friend and partner for many years. Ron has served on various committees associated with the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) for twenty-five years. AAPFCO represents fertilizer, soil, and compost manufacturers, regulators, and government officials throughout the United States. At a recent event, Ron was presented with the Presidential Distinguished Service Award by the AAPFCO Board for his many years of service, honoring his time, knowledge, and commitment, recognizing his efforts to expand compost use, develop a descriptive definition of compost, and craft smart regulations and guidance for compost use and application.

From the AAPFCO Board during the award presentation:

“This morning we the AAPFCO Board would like to recognize the contributions of an Industry Liaison who has provided outstanding service to the Association over the past 25 years.

His first reference of attendance at an Association of American Plant Food Control Officers annual meeting occurred in 1999. His service to the association started on the Environmental Affairs Committee and the Uniform Bills Committees in 1999 where he is still a member. Other committees he has served include the Labeling and Definitions Committee, which is now Terms and Definitions since 2004, he has also served in the Soil Amendment Subcommittee of Uniform Bills and the By-Products and Recycled Materials under Environmental Affairs.

His current position is President of R. Alexander Associates and also representing the US Composting Council, therefore, it is with great pleasure that the Officers and Board of Directors of the Association of Plant Food Controls award the Presidential Distinguished Service Award, and I would ask Ron Alexander to come forward as the recipient.

Thank you for your many years of dedicated service to the Association!”

Ron Alexander is truly deserving of this honor after more than two decades of dedicated service to our industry. Naturcycle adds our emphatic support for this significant recognition of the important work that he has done and all that he has accomplished. Cheers!