Today is World Green Roof Day! #WGRD2024

Thursday, June 6th, 2024, is World Green Roof Day. One of the most promising tools to protect and enhance our environment, particularly in urban areas, green roofs offer many different benefits, including mitigating the heat island effect, managing stormwater, improving building insulation, and creating beautiful biophilic spaces for people to experience nature. Green roofs also [...]

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Naturcycle Founder & President Charles Duprey Elected Vice Chair of CREF

The Compost Research & Education Foundation (CREF) is a non-profit organization that advocates for compost and composters nationwide “to advance composting technologies, practices, and beneficial uses that support resource conservation and economic and environmental sustainability.” Some of the activities that CREF is committed to include: Increase awareness and educate the public through supporting public outreach [...]

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Urban Agriculture Research at the Boston Medical Center Rooftop Farm

Rooftop farming has seen increasing adoption in major cities across the United States. As a leading manufacturer of green roof media designed specifically for urban agriculture, Naturcycle implemented a research experiment at the Boston Medical Center Rooftop Farm to analyze the effects of these specialty blends across a range of crop cultivation parameters. The research [...]

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Last month, Naturcycle traveled to Daytona Beach for the Annual Conference & Trade Show of the United States Composting Council. COMPOST2024 featured equipment demonstrations, exhibitors, a full lineup of speakers and panel discussions, the annual awards ceremony, as well as several workshops and tours. This year, Naturcycle founder and president Charles Duprey presented on the [...]

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Silva Cells vs. Sand-Based Structural Soil

This article by Al Key of DeepRoot is an excellent look at the history, use, and effectiveness of sand based structural soil (SBSS) for urban tree plantings, and research conducted on the performance of Silva Cells in comparison. At Naturcycle, our experience is that for most applications, Silva Cells are the superior option to maximize [...]

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Naturcycle LLC Receives GRHC Corporate Member Legacy Award

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) proudly presents the GRHC Corporate Member Legacy Award to Naturcycle, LLC, in recognition of their outstanding commitment to advancing the green roof and wall industries. (Visit the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities website to view the full press release.) The GRHC Corporate Member Legacy Award is given to companies that have [...]

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Home Composting Questions Answered!

We often get questions about backyard composting from people who want to recycle their organics at home. If you have the space and the desire, you too can make high quality, natural compost. The process is simple! Many state universities focused on agriculture promote compost education and home composting techniques through cooperative extensions. The [...]

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Congratulations Ron Alexander!

Naturcycle often relies on compost expert Ron Alexander for his professional knowledge. He has been a great friend and partner for many years. Ron has served on various committees associated with the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) for twenty-five years. AAPFCO represents fertilizer, soil, and compost manufacturers, regulators, and government officials throughout [...]

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Compost Standards for Use in Green Infrastructure, Part Four

How Naturcycle Uses Compost Data to Design Specifications To review previous posts in this series, the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program requires regular laboratory analysis of compost, and the test results are summarized and presented in the same format no matter where in the country the compost is produced, via [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …

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