Thursday, June 6th, 2024, is World Green Roof Day. One of the most promising tools to protect and enhance our environment, particularly in urban areas, green roofs offer many different benefits, including mitigating the heat island effect, managing stormwater, improving building insulation, and creating beautiful biophilic spaces for people to experience nature. Green roofs also create habitat for birds, insects, and more! On this World Green Roof Day, we want to highlight rooftop farming, which represents a fast-growing segment of the green roof industry.


Pictured here is the Javits Center in Manhattan, featuring our specialized Urban Agricultural Blend, along with a more standard intensive media supporting their food forest. Urban agriculture has an incredibly positive impact, using these rooftop installations to produce locally grown food, provide job opportunities for residents, increase educational awareness, and strengthen community bonds. As a leading manufacturer of green roof media, Naturcycle is grateful for World Green Roof Day. We are happy to celebrate green roofs and their importance to our future!