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Naturcycle Attends Cities Alive Annual Green Roof Conference in Brooklyn, NY is an important publication for the green roof industry. Its founders have focused on spreading news, commercial successes, and documenting the projects that have changed green roofing. This year they have taken the time to report on and photograph the Cities Alive 2018 Conference in Brooklyn, NY. Naturcycle exhibited at the conference and [...]

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Research on Topdressing with Compost

from Sports Turf Magazine, a trade industry journal... "Traffic is one of the dominant stresses that all actively used sports fields face. Traffic leads to soil compaction that eventually results in a loss of vegetative coverage on primary play surfaces, and unsafe play conditions. Ideally, all maintenance programs are designed to maintain turfgrass quality [...]

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Our Logistics Expertise is Key to Project Success

Here are some photos from an awesome project that Naturcycle and its green roof partner, American Hydrotech, are working on right now. The Statue of Liberty Museum is located on the island itself and will consolidate exhibits and provide a better experience. With a sweeping green roof and amazing views, this site will be [...]

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Naturcycle Green Roof Media in Action

This firm owned by artist extraordinaire Randy Polumbo, PLANT NYC, recently came to us about a private residence seeking quality, locally produced, sustainable green roof options. Our media, made with 100% New York State materials and blended near New York City, was the best option. Our reputation for high quality, logistical support, and education [...]

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Naturcycle Presents to Illinois Food Scrap Coalition on Compost Markets

Mr. Duprey was invited to present to a regular meeting of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition to help them better understand compost markets and challenges. He spoke and took questions for about 20 minutes on compost market development and issues compost marketers are facing, and provided a basic understanding of the intersection of compost [...]

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Naturcycle Highlights International Compost Awareness Week 2018

This week on our Facebook and Instagram pages, Naturcycle will be highlighting compost use as part of International Compost Awareness Week, May 6 through the 12th, 2018, sponsored by the Composting Council Research & Education Foundation. Our team will show off cool projects, our donations to support community farming, and promote exciting, sustainable uses [...]

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Naturcycle Presents on Compost Markets

Our founder, Charles Duprey, recently presented at the Northeast Recycling Council. This group of recycling coordinators and industry leaders examine recycling challenges including glass, paper and organics in our region. The US Composting Council also supported the event and it was a great day of discussion, education and learning that Naturcycle was proud to [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …

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