Naturcycle supplies critical materials like compost, engineered soil, and green roof media products to a variety of customers, including landscapers, building contractors, farms, highway departments and schools. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products at competitive prices with timely delivery. We achieve this goal in a number of ways, including the convenient location of our blending facilities, the use of locally sourced materials, and offering a variety of shipping options.

Manufactured soils and media are typically produced at one of our blending facilities. Strategically positioned near Boston, New York City, and in western New York, these locations allow Naturcycle to serve customers throughout the entire northeastern United States. Delivery of material results in additional costs, so by establishing blending facilities closer to our primary markets, we can reduce freight cost to our customers.

Engineered soils and green roof media are often comprised of a blend of three or more separate elements, typically composts, sands and aggregates. Naturcycle sources these materials from local suppliers. For example, when supplying projects in New York, we emphasize that 100% of components used in our standard media blends are sourced from within New York. This sustainable approach is not only preferable to long-distance hauling, but also leads to cost savings for the customer.

With dozens of standard products and customized blends available, managing logistics is essential to ensure timely delivery to customers and end users. Naturcycle has partnered with reliable third-party trucking partners that service each market where we operate. These regional hauling networks are vital to our success and the success of the projects that we supply. All projects are different. Some require compost or soil in bulk, others need material in specialized canvas super sacks that can be lifted on top of a structure with a crane, while some customers prefer receiving shrink-wrapped pallets of bagged product. Naturcycle is a one-stop shop that can meet all these individual project needs!