From a US Composting Council press release regarding ICAW:

International Groups Recognize the Importance of Compost with a week of celebration, education and reflection on COMPOST…

Organics Recycling and the Return of Compost to Soils Delivers Fundamental Solution to Climate Change, Food Security and Resource Management around the World, declares international network of organics recycling advocates

European Compost NetworkComposting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of IrelandAustralian Organics Recycling Association, The Compost Council of Canada, and the US Composting Council/Composting Council Research & Education Foundation join in common voice during International Compost Awareness Week 2016 to encourage the recycling of organic residuals and compost use for improved soil health and climate change mitigation

Recycling organic residuals instead of throwing them in the garbage is the first step to capturing the full potential that these under-recognized resources can play to address a wide range of current global environmental issues. And on the occasion of International Compost Awareness Week 2016 (May 1 – 7), a global network of organizations, devoted to organics recycling and compost use, are combining their efforts to bring attention to the multiple benefits to be realized when organic residuals are viewed as resources rather than waste.

Throughout International Compost Awareness Week, community events will be held to encourage and celebrate organics recycling. All types of organics recycling – from “do it yourself” composting in your backyard, community garden or nearby community centre to large-scale community-wide composting and anaerobic digestion – are being promoted. The importance of the use of compost to bring Life back to the soils for strong, healthy plant growth, improved water quality and conservation is also being highlighted.