Our founder Charles Duprey has been involved in compost sales and engineered soils for over a decade. In that time he has been serving on the US Composting Council’s Market Development Committee.  That committee has spearheaded work with the Technical Manual for the Evaluation of Composting and Compost (TMECC) which is the basis for the “Certified Compost” Seal of Testing Assurance Program.

He has served on subcommittees to review changes and additions to the the TMECC as recommended by the Compost Analysis Proficiency Program and Dr. Wayne Thompson to modernize and update the testing in the early 2010’s.  The committee works on Architect and Department of Transportation outreach and marketing programs like “Compost The Sustainable Solution.”  The hands on experience with labs and day to day interaction with the program has given him a broad understanding of the overall successes and key factors.

Based on that knowledge Mr. Duprey’s latest accomplishment is an article about compost testing, the TMECC and how STA is a critical tool.  You can read more here at Biocycle online…

The article is titled a ” Comparison Of Compost Laboratory Results” – Identical samples of two composts were sent to six labs for testing and analysis. Results highlight differences between using the national TMECC standards versus other test methods.  Read more above