Every year the United States Composting Council (USCC) hosts its annual Conference and Trade Show.  This event has moved around the country from California, to Florida, Texas and this year in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our founder Charles Duprey serves on the Market Development Committee (MDC) of the USCC. This committee is dedicated to promoting compost end uses, overseeing the Seal of Testing Assurance Program and developing promotional programs like Strive or 5 (% Organic Matter) or Compost the Sustainable Solution.

This year MDC and the International Compost Awareness Week in May are working closely to promote “Soil Loves Compost.”  Mr. Duprey presented on behalf of a research paper on Compost Use in Erosion Control, moderated a panel on Municipal Compost Marketing and more.

The trade show has dozens of equipment and technologies for Composting and organics management.  This great annual event is critical to the industry and all the sessions are available online after as well.

Pictured below are some of the sponsors and cool social media tools for 2020 ICAW!!!