Since its founding, Naturcycle has been focused on creating the highest quality engineered soils with a focus on quality control and commitment to producing the best finished products. Part of that effort is the investment of time and resources such as recently testing 11 (eleven) different sand sources in order to meet a particular specification. Whether it’s green roof media, bio-retention soil or a specialized sand-based blend, we produce such a wide variety of materials that extra attention to detail is required.

Our goal is to offer the most local, sustainable materials. A big part of that is testing and quality control. We test many of our key products quarterly and invest in research to develop new engineered soil blends.

Pictured below is another example of Naturcycle’s commitment to quality. Our site in Millbrook, NY, near Poughkeepsie, keeps base components separate until needed, spread out and sorted by type. Along with quality control testing, this method helps operators dial in consistent results. Clear Bill of Ladings and blending procedures are important too. Naturcycle is second to none in quality control.