One of the core competencies of Naturcycle is compost marketing. Many municipal and private compost producers may need extra help with selling finished compost. Some sites are geographically isolated and local markets are limited. Local competition can drive prices down. Past practices such as auctions of finished compost lead to a vicious cycle of downward pricing. Naturcycle is here to help composters throughout the Northeast overcome these challenges.

Naturcycle evaluates local conditions, conducts market analyses, and studies operational practices to increase sales or improve product quality. Many steps are required to increase compost sale prices or volumes sold. Our experience in this field is second to none. Our map shows the many sites we currently work with to market compost products. What that map does not show is consulting on compost development projects, time spent on expanding compost markets and many more important factors for organics marketing that only Naturcycle can provide. This can be direct compost sales, market development, internal compost uses like engineered soils, and research into additional applications.

Pictured is the Mt. Olive compost site of an existing Naturcycle client in Morris County, New Jersey. Could we help your compost sales today? Contact us HERE.