Naturcycle visited the rooftop farm at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center last week. Operated by Brooklyn Grange, this inspiring project has shown what’s possible in an urban space. The one-acre farm produces a wide variety of vegetables in high rotation for use at the convention center, from leafy greens to carrots, turnips, green beans and more.

One of the most unique aspects of the convention center expansion is the rooftop orchard. More than thirty apple trees and other fruit trees are planted in this deep installation of intensive green roof media manufactured by Naturcycle in a complex American Hydrotech design for waterproofing and tree protection. The orchard is now fully established, with healthy apple trees providing a locally grown crop of New York’s state fruit in a one-of-a-kind addition to a building project like this. Wine cap mushrooms were added to the mulched beds to increase biodiversity and food production.

The west side of the building features a large entertainment space with a variety of planters, including the shade garden using intensive green roof media provided by Naturcycle. Though these plants are always out of direct sunlight, they are colorful, diverse, and healthy, thanks to the maintenance efforts of Brooklyn Grange. A great team effort with excellent results!

Using over 2,000 yards of highly engineered Naturcycle urban agriculture media for the rooftop farm and orchard and over 1,500 yards of intensive green roof media providing stormwater management, this successful project is an urban agriculture powerhouse and modern rooftop entertainment space located right in Manhattan.