Naturcycle is committed to participating in and supporting groups that further our shared goals. The United States Composting Council (USCC) has been the leader in setting compost standards, quality and research for more than two decades. Charles Duprey, our founder, is pleased to serve on the Market Development Committee for the USCC.

Welcome message from the USCC:

Hello Chuck,

The US Composting Council is delighted to welcome Naturcycle LLC to our membership. Your role as a mid-Atlantic facilitator for users of compost products will contribute greatly to our mission of compost use, as well as organics collection and standard setting.

We look forward to providing you the benefits of advocacy, education and fellowship with a group of green entrepreneurs with goals similar to yours.

Welcome to the USCC!

Best regards,

Linda Norris-Waldt  Marketing/Membership Manager

US Composting Council