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Compost Standards for Use in Green Infrastructure, Part One

Development of the TMECC & Benefits of the STA Program Green infrastructure is a comprehensive term used primarily to describe natural solutions to stormwater management. Green infrastructure may include green roofs, bioretention soils, rain gardens, or compost blankets used for erosion control and slope stabilization. A critical component for success of all these applications [...]

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High Quality Products at Competitive Prices with Timely Delivery!

Naturcycle supplies critical materials like compost, engineered soil, and green roof media products to a variety of customers, including landscapers, building contractors, farms, highway departments and schools. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products at competitive prices with timely delivery. We achieve this goal in a number of ways, including the convenient location of [...]

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Upcoming Event at Pier 26 in Manhattan!

The newly completed Pier 26 is part of the Hudson River Parks Trust in lower Manhattan. This unique park was conceived as a critical recreation and education space for nearby neighborhoods, and it is one of the only parks in the region that offers several distinct ecological zones in a single location, including a [...]

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Soil pH & Engineered Media

The pH of an engineered soil is one of the most common topics for discussion when working on a new project, particularly when pH does not match the project specifications exactly. Because pH is critical to soil health and plant health, it is important to understand what pH is. Simply put, pH is the [...]

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Naturcycle Visits the Javits Center Expansion!

Naturcycle visited the rooftop farm at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center last week. Operated by Brooklyn Grange, this inspiring project has shown what’s possible in an urban space. The one-acre farm produces a wide variety of vegetables in high rotation for use at the convention center, from leafy greens to carrots, turnips, green [...]

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East Midtown Greenway Installation Underway!

When complete, the East Midtown Greenway will connect upper and lower Manhattan with bike and walking trails from the Upper East Side to Battery Park. Engineered soil manufactured by Naturcycle is placed in Silva Cells designed by DeepRoot, which collect stormwater and support the growth of newly planted trees. After planting, the soil is amended [...]

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Compost Use in Agriculture is an Effective Carbon Sequestration Strategy

Some large companies in California, Microsoft for example, have pledged to reduce or offset the carbon dioxide that they produce. The technology utilized by these efforts, however, is often very expensive. The direct air capture methods employed by Climeworks, a Swiss company, for example, can cost around $600 per ton of carbon dioxide offset. [...]

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Naturcycle Announces Compost Marketing Agreement with OCRRA!

Many local municipalities have established independent authorities to oversee recycling operations within their borders. These authorities frequently operate composting facilities to manage organic residuals produced in the surrounding area, including biosolids, yard debris, and occasionally food scraps. The compost and mulch products produced at these facilities are often offered to locals at low or [...]

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Naturcycle Markets a Wide Variety of High Quality Composts!

Naturcycle works with a wide variety of compost facilities to sell and market their finished products, as well as provide consultation to support composting operations, including participation in the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program. This program requires regular, independent testing to provide standardized analysis for agronomic factors, human health & safety, [...]

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Naturcycle’s is committed to and supports …

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